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European Charter for the conservation and restoration of traditional ships in operation

"It is a matter of fact that the majority of historic buildings, ships and other items, which have survived intact, have done so largely because they have been put to good use, even in recent years and even when that use is very different from the original. The inescapable fact is that continued use ensures that these treasures receive the funding and upkeep they require and deserve. . .

The Barcelona Charter provides a base level for safeguarding quality."

(An extract from the Commentary to the Barcelona Charter)


Click on the links below to download a copy of the Charter and its accompanying Commentary:

Download The Barcelona Charter

Download the Commentary to the Barcelona Charter





Presentation to European Maritime Day Workshop in Gijon, Spain, 2010


This presentation by Michael vom Baur, former President of European Maritime Heritage (EMH) obviously has a European slant, but it makes a case for historic and traditional vessels which has resonance worldwide.



Download the full presentation here.

(Note the file is approx 6MB in size)







Wooden Boat magazine in the US published an article everyone who takes an older vessel to sea - and that includes the world's traditional & historic vessel fleet - and everyone who manages them ashore should read. It concerns the loss of tall ship Bounty in Superstorm 'Sandy' off the US coast on 29 October 2012.  Read the article here.